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Ep8 | Welcome to the Metaverse with Michael Gourlay Part 2

2020-01-20 Kelly Campelia & Jay SilvasVirtual Reality

THE QUEST CONTINUES! We pick up where we left off last episode, part one of our journey with Michael Gourlay through augmented reality(AR).

Our conversation this time wanders into a myriad of topics, from hyper-reality to Doghouse Leathers, umbrella beatings to consumer AR and sharing of virtual experiences. We explore the broad range of challenges around building a new medium that is available for more people to benefit and thrive in.

In the second half of the episode, we take some time to backtrack again and reflect on some of the topics from our time with Mike. We revisit some fundamental concepts like hyperreality, Solipsism, and try to end with some ultimately positive outlooks on the future of mainstream XR.

Let us know if you enjoy the latter half of these episodes, as this is our first “solo” experimentation where we riff on topics we’re deeply intrigued or curious about. We enjoyed the format and plan to do more with it in episodes moving forward, so your feedback and ideas are appreciated. We’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on thoughts. ;D

If you want to hear more from Mike, you can find him on Twitter @MiJaGourlay.

Show Notes

PART II - Interview

PART II - Thoughts on thoughts

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