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Ep10 | Thoughts On Thoughts

2020-02-10 Kelly Campelia & Jay SilvasVirtual Reality

This episode is a real treat, as it’s the first time we sit down to record solo and meander as we see fit. If you enjoy a flowing conversation and tangents upon tangents, similar to our guest episodes, #ThoughtsOnThoughts episodes will be fun explorations with just us guiding you along the way.

We start with a bit of reflection back on the past six months since recording episode 9 with Gwyn. The conversation centered heavily on Rec Room and similar social platforms, so we focused on what we had experienced since in the Metaverse. Topics galore insue, from Rec Room to the Magic School Bus, planetary emotions to spice girl tea parties, and everything in between. We finish out our day with a bit of projecting on the topics we’d like to explore more this year in the industry.

If you’d like to influence where we end up next and who drops into our scrappy little studio for XR spelunkings in the future, go drop us a line and share your ideas or thoughts. We’re charting our course for the episodes to come, so get involved and you could help shape the conversations to come.

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