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Ep11 | The Human in the Headset with Jude Dai

2020-02-17 Kelly Campelia & Jay SilvasVirtual Reality

Welcome back for another guest episode! This week we share our conversation with Jude Dai; an XR entrepreneur and creator in search of the deepest experiences of life. She spends much of her free time wandering distant mountains, and her working hours toward her company, Immersive Square. We explored some interesting topics together; from the necessity of learning agility in nascent domains to spectrums of experience and the blue ocean strategy in product development. Demonstrated through her business, she has made it a personal mission to overcome some of the accessibility challenges associated with XR and bring immersive experiences to where people live.

As usual, we had a lot of fun during this recording, in particular, because Jude is such a sage of wisdom both in life and business. We hope you enjoy listening!

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