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Ep12 | Thoughts On Thoughts - What is the Value of XR?

2020-03-02 Kelly Campelia & Jay SilvasVirtual Reality

Welcome back, spelunkers! This week is a real milestone for us, as we’ve now certainly passed the first year mark from the inception of Reality Quest as a shared collaboration. We both feel this episode is our most genuinely unadulterated Jay & Kelly conversation space yet. From the beginning of this endeavor, we strove to reach a comfortable recording headspace which could bring the listener as close to the dinner table as is possible, and this might be the closest to the real deal. With a few tangents as is natural, the premise of this conversation began with a question:

What is the value of XR?

We immediately had to dive deeper to find the roots of that inquiry. Why should it become widespread? What benefit does it have over other mediums for experience, and where does it differ? How should we be communicating that value to people outside of this nascent industry?

We ended up starting from a clean slate, laying out some common language, and set upon the task of breaking it down piece by piece. We began forming a mental model of XR & content, then attempted to define some of the basic components of Storytelling & Gameplay. Ultimately, our stack of questions grew far higher than we started with, but with the modest reward of new lenses through which to examine XR and stories in general.

The riddle is by no means solved in the end, but we’ll continue this examination in future #ToTs episodes and with more guests to come. So sit back and enjoy a glass with us. Thanks for listening!

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