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Ep5 | Evolving Theatrical Dimensions with Kiira Benzing

2019-11-25 Kelly Campelia & Jay SilvasVirtual Reality

We begin our week with Kiira Benzing, an award-winning avant-garde pioneer in virtual reality theater, immersive artistic expression, and mixed medium experiences. Coming from a background in traditional theater and filmmaking, Kiira was inspired to express in more than two dimensions when she was creating a traditional documentary and envisioned a better way to connect the audience to the story. Discovering XR could help her achieve her vision, in 2015 she dove into the industry head first and never looked back. In this episode, we get to hear all about Kiira’s story, her wonderful and wildly successful experiments in VR, and some of her thoughts on how we can all work together to help the industry improve and expand its reach. She shares some important insights from her research in the use of avatars for acting as well as from her recently acclaimed projects ‘Loveseat’ and ‘Runnin’. Kiira is an amazing human, a generous soul, and an extremely talented multidimensional director whom you should be keeping track of. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

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