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Ep6 | Building Pathways Together with Tim Cullings

2019-12-09 Kelly Campelia & Jay SilvasVirtual Reality

Welcome back! Our guest this week is an accomplished Systems Engineer working in XR by day, and an avid community builder among the game development scene in Seattle. Tim Cullings is an active member of the Seattle Indies group and International Game Developers Association. He’s also a passionate Karaoke aficionado. On his journey, he’s experienced multiple companies grow from small teams into thousands strong, and has gained a wealth of wisdom from scaling up both systems and culture in those challenging environments.

One of the things he’s most passionate about is cultivating new members in the developer community, so we’ve shared some of the groups he helps run locally in Seattle. If you have ideas you’d like to make a reality, are curious about getting started with game development, or just looking for a supportive and active community to get involved in, check them out. If you don’t live in Seattle, your best bet is to find a local chapter of the IGDA and go to a meetup.

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